A Taste Of Fiasco – Durham Style

I just got back from A Taste of Fiasco, an afternoon of Fiasco with Jason Morningstar, the game’s designer, and Steve Segedy, Bully Pulpit Games web guru. My game was with David, Shane, and Scott. We chose the ‘Manna Hotel’ playset. Manna Hotel is set in Manna, Kansas, population 1200. I played Miles Morgan, an ex-con with a score to settle with Scott’s character, Steve Biscuit, my ex-lawyer. David played my ex-con buddy and kind of flunky. Shane was Kurt, a guy with a system for wining at Bingo! In the end, Kurt went to jail for shooting Steve (which he didn’t do). Steve didn’t shoot me or Kurt. I payed Steve off what I owned him and to keep him from shooting me. Steve got a bunch of money and stitched up. Harry, David’s guy, and Miles ended up in Vegas, rich as kings working Kurt’s system. It was a good, fun game.
I wasn’t able to get in another game today though Jason was kind enough to invite me to dinner and gaming later. I appreciate the invitation Jason. I’ll take a rain check.
I got reacquainted with Shane and Amy with whom I had gamed before. And with Graham from the Hypermind group.
It was a nice day of gaming in a nice environment. Cudos to SciFi Genre for having us.