Homesteaders AP

I thought I would report on some Homesteaders play this past Tuesday night. I had posted on the Hypermind Guild at BGG that it would be Tasty Minstrel night from me. I took Homesteaders, Eminent Domain, and Terra Prime. I got at least two “I want in on Homesteaders.” replies. So it looked like a good night coming. And it was. Though I arrived late, a couple of guys were ready to play. So after a game of El Grande we broke out Homesteaders. Both of the other guys had played once previously so rules overview went quickly. Chip really started off well and very obviously went the workers route. Keith was more stealthy and ended up going the railroad route. I had a bad first two rounds and never caught up. In the end Chip won by one point over Keith – 48 to 47 with me a distant 22.
Both of them really like the game and asked me to keep bringing it. I think the depth is apparent once you get one play in. And Adam, who requested a seat, did not show so there is one more who wants to play. And Chris ( wanted in but someone wanted him to teach them Survive so he bowwed out.