Looking Back At 2010 Gaming

2010 was a great year for gaming for me.   The biggest thing for me was I joined The Hypermind Boardgamers.  This is a fantastic gaming group located in Burlington, NC at Hypermind, my FLGS. Hypermind is made up of some awesome gamers who love games of all types. This group has opened up some many [...]

Gameathonapocaloozafestacon! 2

WOW!  10 gamers!  13 straight hours of gaming!  It all happened this past Saturday, February 5 at my house. The festivities started about 11am when Chris Norwood (GamerChris) arrived with games in tow.  While I tended to getting the chili started, he set up a game of Catacombs for Barry and Z.  I joined in [...]

A Conversation with… The D6 Generation

This time I'm joined by the crew from The D6 Generation.  This was a fun, if difficult to coordinate, interview. Tom: Tell us a bit about yourselves and D6G to start off. (Russ) Well we started the D6 Generation in February of 2008 so we’re coming up on 3 years now. We’ve been very surprised [...]

Latest Game Design News

Here's what I'm working on game design wise. The Survivor - this is a solo rpg that uses a standard deck of playing cards.  Drawn cards help you set scenes and determine outcomes of those scenes.  Suit, color, and value of the cards all inform different elements of a scene.  Elements at present will be [...]