Memoir ’44 Online

Days of Wonder has their online version of Memoir ’44 in beta test right now. Z and I started playing today and I have to say it is a very good implementation of the game. The game play is excellent and really has the feel of the face to face game. The graphics, as usual with Days of Wonder, are fantastic. The player interface, the game itself, and the other sites are beautiful. I was very impressed with the intro animation. The games are quick and there are 16 available scenarios for basic play. So far we have only played the solo game against the AI. We are learning how it works. But it is easy enough that Z can play by himself. We should graduate to person to person play in the next couple of days. The beta test is free for the moment. When it goes live, there will be 3 levels of play (and cost) that allow increasing access to scenarios and other gameplay options. So far this is a extremely fun online game. We will be playing it quite a bit.