One thought on “What games did you get?”

  1. I got my 2nd base set of Memoir ’44 from my cousin’s family. What’s cute is that when the went to Hypermind to either get that or the BattleLore: Battles of Westeros game, my cousin’s son said “I’m gonna be selfish, I want to get Kenny a game I can play with him” so they picked Memoir instead. We played Pegasus Bridge twice Christmas day; he did alright, and held me to a 5-4 victory the second time! Also I got a box of WHFB Chaos Knights, marking the first time in history anyone in my family bought me any of the minis stuff I’ve put on my list!

    Also got Zombie State from my old friend Steve, and a copy of Top Race from my new-ish friend Britt (new-ish in comparison to Steve who I’ve known for something like 24 years now)!

    What did everyone else get?

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