Games I Got For Christmas

I received some games for Christmas. Here's the haul. the Exotic expansion for Zooloretto Coloretto Cloud 9 Settlers of Catan + 5-6 player expansion Seafarers of Catan + 5-6 player expansion Ticket To Ride: Nordic Countries 10 Days In The Americas plus Call of Duty: World At War & Halo: Reach for the 360. There's [...]

Gameathonapocaloozafestacon 2010 #1

We had a game day on the 11th of December.  After more than a month of scheduling issues, Gameathonapocaloozafestacon #1 happened.  Terry and Cindy arrived, ready to game, about 1pm.  I had prepped a couple of scenarios for Dread because Terry had requested it.  He brought Heroscape and Monsterpocalypse.  He had just gotten MonPoc and [...]

What I Played Last Night

I got to game night late (8pm) for various reasons.  Most everyone was in a game of 7 Wonders except Kenny.  He was setting up Command & Colors: Napoleonics for he and Chris.  Once he got it set up we played a game of Parade.  He beat me pretty handily.  Around then the 7 Wonders [...]

MACE part 3 – Boardgames and Savage Saturday Night

So after Fiasco Chris and I headed over to the boardgame room to play some games.  Chris had brought several games with him.  While we were deciding what to play, one of Chris' friends showed up.  Jim also had some games. One of them was Alhambra which neither Chris nor I had played.  Alhambra is [...]