Eminent Domain Update

Head over to Seth Jaffee's website Cumbersome to get the Eminent Domain Kickstarter campaign Update.  It's right here. One of the interesting things about this Kickstarter idea is its potential.  When this works, other small publishers may see this as a viable publishing model.  This will mean more games will be published.  Now it may [...]

The Tasty Minstrel Gets Kickstarted!

Tasty Minstrel Games is going the Kickstarter route with its next game Eminent Domain.  Listen to Michael Mindes discuss this news.  And here is the BGG link. Why am I posting about this?  One,  think Tasty Minstrel is a class outfit.  I think Michael and Seth are trying to bring us quality games.  Homesteaders is [...]

An Interview with Jodi Black of Beautiful Brains Books and Games

This week we have Jodi Black of Beautiful Brains Books and Games, a new online game store. Jodi is also, I found out, an editor of award winning RPG's. I met Jodi last year at MACE and found her to be charming and fun. So when I found out she had opened an online store [...]