Game Chef 2010

It’s that time of year again.  Game Chef 2010 is on.  The theme this year is journey and the ingredients are city, skin, desert, and edge.  I have two ideas.  One is about a living city moving traveling to the edge of the world.  Players would be the aspects of the city and must enable the city to complete its journey.  The second is about infection where the players are the infection trying to invade the body.  I may not make the deadline of Saturday night but I will at least get some seeds of games germinating.  But maybe it will all come together for one of these.  Check out Game Chef it is always fun.

3 thoughts on “Game Chef 2010”

  1. I’d love to enter, but nothing’s coming to me. But I did have an idea for a totally unrelated game over the last few days. If only I had the time to really develop it and see if it actually has some potential…

  2. I have three game ideas out of this contest! I just had a new one today that I will probably go with if I can pull it together. And it uses my biology background! And may even be educational!! An educational RPG!!!

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