More Good Ideas from Rob Donoghue

You should check out this series of posts by Rob Donoghue.
They’re about character goals and how they can be used to enhance or even enable play. There are some very interesting ideas here.
I was first impressed by the idea of characters having goals. Of course they do. But Rob goes on to explain some things about goals that I had not thought about. Make them specific yet more encompassing. His example from Lord of The Rings: Change DROP THE RING IN THE VOLCANO to DEFEAT SAURON. There is a subtle difference there that is important. The first is specific and can lead to a good story. The second openes the first up to many more possibilities. He talks about KWORC, the things needed for success of your character’s goal. You’ll need to go find out what those mean. The last post deals with some things to watch for in your role playing. This is a very good series that you should check out.




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