So, how is this going?

I’m well into my interview series with many more to come. And I wanted to know how are you liking them? Any suggestions? Anybody you want me to interview?
Up and coming interviews include Jason Morningstar of Fiasco and Grey Ranks fame, Eloy Lasanta of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. and Third Eye Games, Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games, the guys from The Spiel and Game On! with Cody and John, and Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower.





4 responses to “So, how is this going?”

  1. Kenny Avatar

    Keep ’em coming. I am really waiting with bated breath for the Jason Morningstar interview!

  2. Chris Avatar

    Yeah, I’ve been enjoying them a lot! The only issue (from you perspective) is that interviews like this don’t really foster a lot of feedback/comments. But you’ve been doing a great job with them, and they’re very interesting!

  3. Jodi Black Avatar

    Looking forward to all of those suggestions! Have you ever interviewed Veronica and Ron with The Game’s the Thing? (You might have it in your archives, I didn’t check.) They are a stitch! Also, if you want a truly memorable interview, track down the guys with the Shard RPG. We got to know them at GenCon this year, and you need to ask them about the passion play and the possum. 🙂

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