So, how is this going?

I'm well into my interview series with many more to come. And I wanted to know how are you liking them? Any suggestions? Anybody you want me to interview? Up and coming interviews include Jason Morningstar of Fiasco and Grey Ranks fame, Eloy Lasanta of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. and Third Eye Games, Michael Mindes of [...]

A Conversation With…Doug and Shelley Garrett from Garrett’s Games And Geekiness

I'm joined today by Doug and Shelley Garrett of Garrett's Games And Geekiness.  Doug and Shelley are avid gamers and prolific podcasters.  It is a pleasure to have them on Go Forth And Game. Tomg: Tell us about Garrett’s Games and Geekiness, your very interesting and fun podcast. Doug:  Do you want a bit of [...]