The Dice Tower – Origins 2010 Episode

I listened to The Dice Tower‘s Origins Episode this week.  It’s ‘Vasel’-less.  Eric does a fantastic job holding down the fort and the contributors are great.  I like the team format.   Here are my thoughts.

Defenders of the Realm – There was much talk about this game and the initial buzz is good.  Co-op, beautiful art, gorgeous minis, and good game play all lead up to promising product.  I hope it holds true.

Queen Games – This was Queen’s first Origins as their own distributor.  It is good to see them confident enough in North America to take this step.  They make some fantastic games.  First news was Fresco getting a Spiel de Jares nomination.  Next, Wallenstein reprint!! WooHoo!  This is a awesome game.  Queen makes a couple  games I enjoy – Shogun (of course) &  Sultan.

Railways of the World Card game – This one is getting a lot of publicity.  Not just for the name but that it is a good game.  It sounded interesting from the description.

Eric talked to a person from Sonic Legends.  They make gaming sound tracks.  Or atmosphere music to use while gaming.  I have  couple of their pieces from the Gamers For Haiti bundle but have yet to use them.  I’m curious now and may try them tomorrow night.

Eric talked to the guys from Plaid Hat Games.  They make Summoners Wars which Tom V. has raved about.  The game sounds fun but I’m going to wait a bit on it.

Lock N Load – They talked to Lock N Load, a company famous for wargames.  They talked about something new – a non-wargame game called House of Spirits.  I think it was a co-op horror game.  I’m intrigued and I think my group would like it.

Egizia – I’m looking forward to this.  Doug and Shelley Garrett of Garrett’s Games And Geekiness did an in depth review of it recently and it sounds like one I will like.  It has also gotten good press on some other podcasts.  It sounds like it has the depth and decisions that I like in a game.  It is on the buy list.

They talked to Mayday Games.  They are famous for bits.  They are now making Crokinole boards too.

Asmadi Games – This is a new company that I didn’t know about.  They are putting out a new game – Innovation- that sounds great.  It is a civilization building card game.  The mechanics sound fun and the game appears to have some depth.  I’m going to try to get an interview with them.

They talked to Rio Grande also but I didn’t write down any notes for that.

Miscellaneous games mentioned:  Mow – sounds really fun, 11 Nimnt – again sounds fun, Perry Rhodan – one to look into, Aye! Dark Overlord – more fun, Masters of Venice – this is one I will buy soon.

All in all it was an excellent and extended show.  I enjoyed it very much.





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  1. Kenny Avatar

    Tom, I’m pretty sure that Chris Ingersoll has a copy of Aye, Dark Overlord. You should post on the BGG forum and see if he’ll bring it Tuesday (if indeed he’s the one who owns it).

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