A Conversation With…Don Dehm of Pulp Gamer

This time my guest is Don Dehm. Don is the leader of the Pulp Gamer Media Network and many of its associated podcasts which include Out of Character, The Game Kennel, and Family Night. All the podcasts in the Network are top quality gaming shows and highly entertaining. He is also an active advocate for gaming and the game industry. Thanks for joining me, Don.

Tell us about Pulp Gamer and the Pulp Gamer Media Network.

Pulp Gamer is a media network and production house. We work in both audio and video and produce podcasts for organizations such as the Game Manufacturer’s Association and Mayfair Games.  Those shows and others from our partner organizations can be found at pulpgamer.com and a number of other outlets such as iTunes and YouTube.  Our most popular show is Out of Character.  We have a crew of retailers, game developers, and other industry professionals that gather around the microphones and talk about issues around roleplaying, board gaming, and other points of interest about the hobby.

Out of Character is my personal favorite. But I’m a bit biased being a ‘satellite’ of the show. I really enjoy the camaraderie exhibited on the show.

What got you into podcasting?

The first time I was introduced to podcasting, it was the Daily Source Code with Adam Curry, someone I recognized as an Mtv VJ when I was growing up.  My eyes lit up.  It all made sense to me that this was the future and it would be a great way to promote the hobby.  It also looked easy.  I had the technical skills, and I was a DJ in college.  How hard could this be? So I set off with a couple of my closest friends and our first podcast was born.

What is the hardest part about podcasting?

There is really a lot that goes into putting together a good show and the challenges change over time, especially after you have been doing it for several years.  Keeping it fresh is tricky, but I think the hardest part is keeping a consistent schedule.  We would have a much larger audience if we didn’t have small holes in our recording history.  We have had to make some sacrifices but we are now producing Out of Character pretty steadily.  As a result of that, and the great talent, we are doing really well.  I have to give kudos to the crew.

You review a lot of games.  What is the hardest part of reviewing a game?

I don’t review as many games as I do coaching our review team.  That being said, the hardest part is always about being concise.  Anyone can ramble on about a game.  Few can capture what they are trying to say before the listener (or reader) looses attention.

What is/are your current hot game(s)?

It always depends on who I am playing with.  My favorite games will only tease me with the promise of satisfaction if they aren’t played with the right group.  I have party games I really like, euro games I really enjoy, and roleplaying genres I prefer, but it all comes down to the group.  I do have a soft spot, however, for cooperative board games.  When it comes to roleplaying I like character driven campaigns.  I am also always on the lookout for a good post-apocalyptic theme.

What’s coming up for Pulp Gamer?

The entertainment climate has changed and we are going to be responding with some new shows to continue to distinguish ourselves.  We have learned a lot over the years and will be applying that to strengthen our line-up.  We will be strengthening our online presence and our network to capture the attention of both casual and hobby gamers and continue to contribute to the growth of the hobby.  Beyond that, you will just have to listen to Out of Character to keep up with the latest scoop.

And one extra that I ask all my guests, in your opinion, for board games and rpg’s, what makes a good player?

Funny you should ask that.  I just asked the same thing on one of our recent podcasts when we were discussing how to become a better player.  To me, a good player is someone who stays engaged and helps others to stay engaged at the table.  It is a group experience and everyone has to contribute.  Focus on making it a good experience for everyone.  If everyone does that, it is really hard not to have a good time, and it’s all about having a good time.

Thanks for your time, Don. I can’t wait to see what new things the Pulp Gamer Media Network has in store.

To learn more about Pulp Gamer and listen to some fantastic podcasts, visit pulpgamer.com and check out all the great shows.