What I Played This Week

Tuesday night I got in the following games:
Roll Through The Ages – this one just hasn’t clicked with me yet. I want to like it but it’s just not doing it for me.
Macao – I walked in the store and Adam, who was playing Ghost Stories, says ‘We’ll play Macao when I’m done here.” Macao is so great. Lose constantly but I still love it.
Pandemic – My number two game – it was a short game as the outbreaks broke us. I really like it and need to play it more.
Dream Factory – first time play – it was a pretty good auction game and I did ok. Next time I’ll get started earlier though.
It was a good night.
I’m playing several games online either at Yucata.de or SpielByWeb. On Yucata I’m playing Atta Ants with Eric and losing again. This is another one that just eludes me. I’m also playing Hey! That’s My Fish with Chris. I’m up by one at the moment but he has more penguins. And I’ve started a game of Stone Age. I want to learn this one but boy is it slow online.
Over on SpielByWeb, Chris, Kenny, Steve, and I are playing Wallenstein. And it seems to be gang up on Tom time. I’m down to only 5 provinces. The cube tower is hateful. I was attacked by Steve with 5 armies against my 12 and I lost!! That just ain’t right.
Played a lot of Halo3 with Z too.
That’s it.

2 thoughts on “What I Played This Week”

  1. I’m not intentionally ganging up on you. Heck, playing online seems so impersonal, that all I’m doing is attacking a color most of the time… and your color is just getting in the way. The more I play, though, the more I just want to play in person.

    I do believe I’ve got you in the Hey! That’s My Fish Game, though…

  2. I really like playing in person better. I was just miffed that Steve attacked one of my strongholds with less than half as many armies and still won.
    You do have me in Fish. I made a blunder in the first couple of moves.
    I’m used to losing by now though.
    So when I do win, watch out!!

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