What I Played Last Night

It was Game Night at Hypermind so I played some games.

First was Pandemic with the mutation variant.  There were five of us and we won in a tight game.  This is such a fun game.  Why is it so fun?  It’s intense.  It is ever changing.  It sneaks up on you.  You’re working on one disease then bam! another one outbreaks suddenly and you’re in a crisis.  There is a time limit.  It’s hard.  It is one of the best designed games I’ve played.  Each play is different.  And adding the On The Brink expansion just makes it better.  Everyone should own it.

Next up was Princes of Florence.  This is a thinky game.  I like thinky games.  Most of the time I lose but I still like them.  I was doing pretty good.  My initial hand worked well together.  Only the buildings were different.  So I thought I was in good shape.  And I was until the second to the last turn.  I had 4 works in place and was in third place of five.  And I had a 19 point work in my hand ready to go.  I forgot that I couldn’t build buildings next to each other with only one builder!!  So I couldn’t do the work!!!! So What to do??  I lose.  I ended with 2 Prestige Points cards that were worthless.  The last Freedom had been bought out from under me in the previous round.  And because of my forgetful self I lost the Lake which would have given me 8 points, enough to get me into 4th.  Argh!

Next up was a 7 player game of Bang!.  I had played Bang! once and liked it.  And was glad to be able to get in another game.  The first outlaw blew herself up with dynamite.  The second revealed himself soon after and went out several hands later as Vulture Sam began blasting him with his Volcanic.  I was the last outlaw.  Great name for a Western.  We lost.  Vulture Sam had a mean on for me and made it his goal in life to make sure that I died.  I almost got him.  His bigger hand was my undoing as he held back a Beer to give him a life after out duel.  Come to think of it, he played that on my turn.  I had played the Duel card I think.  Can he do that?  Oh well it was a blast.  The cool thing about this game is that people role play and get into character.  Lots of fun.  And Kenny has Ennio Morricone music playing through out.

The last game was just Chris, Kenny, and I.  Chris was itching to play Pandemic with the Bioterrorist so that’s what we did.  It really changes the game.  The BT takes his turns after EACH of the other players take their turn.  So he gets double turns in this case.  And the way he infects a city is different.  He moves in secret too.  This is a very cool twist on the game that we will play again.  Kenny and I lost when we ran out of cards in the draw pile.  It was huge fun though.

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2 responses to “What I Played Last Night”

  1. Mike Avatar

    If there are only two players left, beer cards do not work

    1. tomgurg Avatar

      That’s a good point. I need to check the rules on that. That was the second time I had played BANG! so I missed that one.
      Thanks for visiting and come back often.
      More interviews on the way.

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