Classic Games

One of my gaming goals this year is to play as many of the classic Euro-style games as possible.  I’m going to try to hit many of  the BGG top 10 over the course of the year.  Ra, Puerto Rico, Notre Dame, Agricola, Tigris & Euphrates, El Grande, and others.  I’m on my way as I have played Dominion and have zero desire to play Power Grid.

In addition, I hope to play some ‘classic’ indie rpgs.  On that list are Dogs In The Vineyard, Burning Wheel, Prime Time Adventures (again),The Shab-al Hiri Roach, The Shadow of Yesterday, My Life With Master, and a couple of others.  In addition to giving me some fun gaming experiences, I hope playing these will help me be a better designer.

Similar to the previous post about great games, what are some classics?  We all agree that Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Risk, Battleship, Clue, and Life are classics.  Give me some Euro-style classics and some classic indie rpgs.






2 responses to “Classic Games”

  1. Chris Norwood Avatar

    I’ve been thinking about putting together a list like this myself lately. For boardgames, it would be more about games that I want to play more often. But for indie RPG’s, your list is pretty spot on.

    By the way, do you own My Life With Master? I’d love to look at it, and would certainly like to play it sometime. I also want to try out Sorcerer (and its expansions Sorcerer & Sword and Dictionary of Mu), because it seems to be pretty seminal to the whole Forge-driven, story game subgenre.

    I actually wrote a blog entry about Classic games last year, and it’s a decent place to start.

  2. tomgurg Avatar

    I do not have My Life With Master. Sorcerer is interesting if only for the fact that many games are influenced by its mechanics as you said.
    We should email the RPG-Or-Die group and see what everyone is interested in so we can play them.

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