Blogs I Follow – Now With Linky Goodness!!

My blogging muse, GamerChris, has a great post on the podcasts he listens to and it’s a lot.  So I thought I would post which blogs I follow.  I use Google Reader to get the latest.  Here they are:

Evil Hat Productions – update from Evil Hat, makers of awesome rpgs like Spirit Of The Century

aka pastor guy – Mark Jackson, pastor, father, gamer.

anyway – Vincent Baker’s blog

Biotech News – because I’m a biotech scientist and like to keep up with the industry some

Boardgame News – super awesome site for gaming news

Bully Pulpit Games – makers of Fiasco and other fantastic games

Campaign Mastery – rpg advice and comments

Deeper In The Game – rpg inform and more

Fear The Boot – blogsite of the podcast of the same name, a very good rpg podcast

Fair Play – updates and blogging from Jason Morningstar

Game Design Is About Structure – Eero Tuovinen’s blog, excellent and insightful

GamerChris – of course!!  He is my good friend but he is also an excellent gamer with interesting things to say.

Gaming Brouhaha – more rpg goodness

Gnome Stew – one of the best rpg sites in my opinion.  lots of good advice, insight on gaming, and reviews

Indie Press Revolution – updates from IPR

Kenneth Hite – excellent ideas and talk about game design

Master Plan – Ryan Macklin’s fantastic game design/theory podcast’s site, seems to have faded of late.  Most likely because Ryan is working like a dog on umpteen projects

Parkerspace – the web home of my friend and comics writer par excellance, Jeff Parker.  You should be reading his comics.

Pharmaceutical News – I used to be in Pharma and still like to keep up.

Print and Play – blog site of the podcast that looks at print and play games

Purple Pawn – second best gaming newsite out there after Boardgame News

Biotech Weblog – interesting biotech focused articles that don’t appear elsewhere

The Blog of Michael Mendes – Tasty Minstrel Games’ founder.  He has some nifty talk about starting and running a game company.

The Dice Tower – updates from The Dice Tower, one of the top 3 boardgame podcasts

The Spiel – updates from this podcast, one of the best on gaming

Voice of The Revolution – updates on that podcast

Boardgames To Go – one of the oldest boardgame blog/podcasts and still one of the best

Canon Puncture – blog of the excellent podcast about role playing

Deadly Fredly – Fred Hicks’ super blog on lots of stuff, mostly role playing

DVD Late Show – looks at movies from the past, has a sci-fi, fantasy, horror bent

Explorersink – Foolster’s blog.  supporting a fellow Pulp Gamer satellite

Fantastic Places – sketches from artist Codexier

Gamer: The Blogging – Ron Blessing’s great blog on gaming, mostly rpg, with good discussion on game theory

GeekDad – all things geek, a really fun and interesting blog from the Wired crew

Grognardia – James Maliszewski’s very good blog on role playing mostly

Please Convince Me – updates from PCM

Paul Tevis – Paul’s latest web presence and as always great and not just games any more

Playing With Myself – a gamer without anyone to play with.  a very good blog on gaming

Smiling Jack’s Bar and Grill – The Savage Worlds podcast site, excellent for Savage info

Some Space To Think – Rob Donoghue’s fantastic site where he talks about game design and theory

Space 1970 – fun stuff with nostalgic look back at sci fi we loved

Story Games – gives me hits when someone posts on SG

The Free RPG Blog – just what it says – a free game with every post

Boardgame Babylon – updates from this fantastic podcast about boardgames

Game On! with Cody and John – another excellent gaming podcast site

OgreCave -new to me, rpg focused

Savage Bloggers Network – all things Savage Worlds and news

The Mighty Atom -another new one, indie rpg game designer John Harper

Wired: Wired Science – cause I’m a science geek too

I Have Powers – game designer Chad Underkoffler’s blog

The Core Mechanic – new, discussions about game mechanics

That’s pretty much it.  I check about twice a day to see what has updated and if anything is of interest.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I’m already working on a similar list as a follow-up to my podcast article.

    But Tom, where are the links? I’d like to add a few of these to my Google Reader account, but I don’t want to have to search for them. Very sloppy, very sloppy…

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