No Thanks For The Kingdom Fiascos

Last night was game night at Hypermind.  I haven’t been able to attend for the last two due to illness in the family so I was stoked. Chris, Kenny, and I had been discussing what to do and decided on Macao and playtesting our Fiasco playset.  Well, Macao didn’t happen but there was still much fun.  I got there about 7:15 and picked up a game of No Thanks! with Mark and David.  This is a really fun game.  Simple but brutal at times.  I don’t remember who won but I happen to put together several runs over three hands.

Next up was Kingdoms.  I own this one but haven’t played much due to the math involved.  The kids haven’t been up to it until recently and I just haven’t taken it out to play.  Anyway, it was a four player game with me, Chris, Graham, and Chip.  Kingdoms is a fun game that appears simple but has some good strategy.  I missed a couple of good moves early on but still managed not to come in last thanks to a good last round. 

We played Through The Desert next .  I had never played this and it took a while for me to realize some things.  I lost but it was fun and I believe the kids would like this.

Kenny was still involved in an epic Agricola game so we hauled out No Thanks! again.  I got a lot of ribbing for taking so many cards but managed to put together 2 runs in the first hand and an eight card run in the last hand for only 7 points.  Chip ended up edging out Keith.  I came in third.

Kenny finally finished his Agricola game so it was time for some Fiasco.  We have been building a playset sparked by an idea from RPG-Or-Die-Con!.  It gelled into Action News 6! – a local newscast.  We had the playset finished and wanted to run it through some real testing.  Keith joined us for the testing.  He was a real asset, having outside eyes on it.  All in all it went well.  It was a blast as Fiasco tends to be.  The playset was pretty solid but we identified some places that needed elimination or tweating.  Chris is updating and we will then need a full blown playtest.





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  1. Chris Norwood Avatar

    Yeah, I really hate that we couldn’t fit in a game of Macao last night, but we’ve been waiting to do some face-to-face playtesting of the Action 6 News playset for a few weeks.

    Overall, I think that it went really well. Like you said, Keith’s input was extremely valuable, and I think that most of it is in good shape. Unfortunately, I was extremely tired by the time we really got started with Fiasco, and I felt a little extra slow and dense in picking up and processing things.

    But then again, the whole evening was a little wonky for me. Game night is never *bad*, but it is usually a lot better than it was last night…

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