More Homesteaders

The kids and I played Homesteaders yesterday. I wanted to get another play in before taking it to Game Night. I wasn’t expecting much. It seemed over their heads. But happily it was not. They caught on pretty quickly. Z won the first game with just his homestead and a meat packing plant. He passed on the auction to get to the end of the railroad development track then just sat back and generated victory points. I won the second with a high VP town. Though they really didn’t get the strategy (I still haven’t hit that yet completely.) they played well. AND they enjoyed it. The second game was at their request. So Homesteaders is a hit.

4 thoughts on “More Homesteaders”

  1. We played again last night. Z won again with his meat packing plant strategy. 54 points to 38 to 30. This game took 35 minutes.

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