New Games!

I picked up Carcassonne and Bohnanza on Friday.  L had seen them at SciFiGenre and thought they sounded fun.  I agreed as I was going to get them anyway.  We played Carcassonne that night.  It was fun as I knew it would be.  Z really latched onto it.  We really didn’t play the farmers so much.  Just the cities and roads.  It made things easier.  I believe he won the first game.  We played one more before bed time.  As the next day was Saturday, we got up and played Bohnanza.  It was fun too but a bit more complex.  It took me a couple of read throughs of the rules to get it all.  (I’m battling allergies right now and my thinking is wonky.)  But we played a while until we had to leave.  The reason for leaving in the next post.  All in all Bohnanza has a lot of promise I think.  Z and I played Carc again a bit ago.  He beat me by 12.  He scored a 32 point city!

And I have Homesteaders waiting at the game store.  I’ll report on that one soon.






3 responses to “New Games!”

  1. Chris Norwood Avatar

    While cannot personally condone the playing of Carcassonne, I can see how it would be very appropriate for playing with children. I just find it way too boring.

    Bohnanza is pretty good, though. I wish it played a little faster, but Gwen and I have even had some fun with the 2-player variant. Heck, we even played it at game night not too long ago!

  2. tomgurg Avatar

    The kids really like Carcassonne. It’s ok but I see it as a first step for them. Both it and Bohnanza are games they can play by themselves, without me. This is something I was hoping for with these.

  3. Chris Norwood Avatar

    That’s definitely the best thing for Carcassonne… to let other people play it without you.

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