Hypermind Board Game Night

At the invitation of GamerChris, I’ve been going to the weekly board game night at Hypermind in Burlington, NC for a couple of months now. I have to say it is one of the highlights of each week. I’ve played a new game every night I’ve been there. Last night it was Princes of Florence and Dominion. Both of them are good but I think Princes is much better. The auction mechanic and that you have to plan ahead are very interesting. First time games are:

Witches’ Brew – 6.5

China – 7, needs more plays to get the scoring
Vegas Showdown – I like it a lot. 8 of 10
Roll Through The Ages – another 8
Endeavor – another 8
Cutthroat Caverns – 7
Thunderstone – 6.5, I need another play.
Descent – 8
Escalation – 7.5
Saboteur – 7.5
And I’ve played 5 games of Pandemic – it’s a 9.
But the real surprise and my new favorite game is Macao.
Boy, do I like this one. Lots of strategy, some luck,  planning, and lots of decisions. I find myself strategizing how to win constantly. This one is at the Top of The Buy List right after Forbidden Island.

Here are some pictures I swiped from GamerChris’s site.  He does a weekly recap of all games played that week.  Check them out here.  Here are the Macao regulars:  clockwise –  Kenny, Chip,  Chris (taking the picture), and me.

It’s a long drive back at 1 a.m. in the morning but worth every minute that I spend there.  I can’t wait for Tuesday.





4 responses to “Hypermind Board Game Night”

  1. Chris Norwood Avatar

    I agree, Tom. Getting up on Wednesday morning is not easy, but it is SO worth it. I can barely stand the wait until Tuesday evening every week!

    1. tomgurg Avatar

      I absolutely agree. I’m so thankful that you invited me. I would NEVER have gotten to play even half of the games I have played so far. The whole experience is fantastic – the people, the games, the atmosphere. Even in the dark. Haha.

  2. Chris Norwood Avatar

    And at this point, I think that my best friends are my game night friends. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not in the grand sceme of things, but I truly love our group, above and beyond all the fantastic games we play.

  3. tomgurg Avatar

    I agree that I am making some really good friendships there. You and Kenny are fantastic to hang around with. It’s cool that I have found some more people who I share a lot with.

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