The Game’s The Thing is Back!

Ron & Veronica are podcasting once again after a break. And I for one am very glad.

They go over what’s been happening since their last show.  Veronica announces that she has joined the Pulp Gamer crew.  Hooray!  Ron is now blogging regularly on gaming, of course.  Please check him out here.  This is a good place to talk about gaming theory and other cool things like that.  The show went into some of the games they have been playing like their Burning Empires campaign with Tucson’s greatest GM – Jason.  Ron talks about the Cortex system here and in his blog.  The new rpg Dragon Age is discussed.  They talk some more about MACE and their Fairy’s Tale Deluxe game with the 9 year girl as the GM.  Finally there is an excellent interview with MACE’s organizers.  Please head over there and give it a listen.

Go Forth and Game.





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