More Catchin’ Up

TVOTR did a review of A Penny For Your Thoughts in the latest show.  It’s a good review/overview particularly because Ryan was the editor on the book.  We get some behind the scenes talk.  This is a game that I really want to play.

They talked to Graham Walmsley about self publishing.  Graham is the author of Play Unsafe, a book on playing rpg’s that I need to read.  He discusses how he went about getting the book out.  He covers editing, layout, and some of the trials he faced.  He mentions Scribus and Serif Page Plus as the tools he used.  He also talked about obtaining art work for your game.  It was a very interesting show.

Boardgame Babylon talked about Factory Manager, Martian Fluxx, and Tobago.  Factory Manager doesn’t sound too interesting to me.  If someone at game night has it to play I would try it.  But it doesn’t sound like a buy.  Martian Fluxx is another in the Looney Labs line.  My kids like original Fluxx so we would probably try this.  Tobago is at the top of my buy list at the moment.  I’ve heard good reviews of it and it’s ‘deduction’ aspect sounds interesting.  The kids would probably like it too.

stabbing contest – talked to Epi Ravachol about Time & Temp, his new game.  They mentioned Dread, which I think is a nearly perfect role playing game and Monkeydome, which sounds like a lot of fun.  This is a two part interview and really interesting.  Check it out.

Pulp Gamer – The Game Kennel talked about Station Master.  It sounds like a fun card game that I will probably try to pick up.

Into The Gamescape – this show covers the guys’ Christmas acquistions and a little bit more.  This is always a fun podcast.  I really enjoy it.





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