Bad Movie Day – Tarzan The Wonder Supercar Redlines An Ultraman. It’s The Funda.

Terry had Bad Movie Day at his place yesterday.  It was a blast as always.  Attending were Jason, Serena, Cindy, Michael, Barry, Terry, and myself.  Terry always has a theme for each Bad Movie Day and we soon found out the day's theme was --Cars. It started with Supercar, a 1960 Puppetoons production.  It was [...]

Hypermind Board Game Night

At the invitation of GamerChris, I've been going to the weekly board game night at Hypermind in Burlington, NC for a couple of months now. I have to say it is one of the highlights of each week. I've played a new game every night I've been there. Last night it was Princes of Florence [...]

Z’s Game

So Z designed and built a game last week. It's a Memoir'44 clone (that's his favorite game) but with some twists of his own.  He's using my old army men, Star Wars figs, a tank made by his grandfather, and a Lego castle.  You draw an action card and take the action.  Examples are camoflage,  [...]

Bits And Pieces

I'm trying to catch up on feedback today so here are a few things that have been going on or that I will expand on later. Game Design update: Comatose is coming along well.  I solved a major issue that I didn't even know I had until playtesting and playing Fiasco - Story advancement mechanic.  [...]

More Catchin’ Up

TVOTR did a review of A Penny For Your Thoughts in the latest show.  It's a good review/overview particularly because Ryan was the editor on the book.  We get some behind the scenes talk.  This is a game that I really want to play. They talked to Graham Walmsley about self publishing.  Graham is the [...]

The Game’s The Thing is Back!

Ron & Veronica are podcasting once again after a break. And I for one am very glad. They go over what's been happening since their last show.  Veronica announces that she has joined the Pulp Gamer crew.  Hooray!  Ron is now blogging regularly on gaming, of course.  Please check him out here.  This is a [...]