Bad Movie Day – Tarzan The Wonder Supercar Redlines An Ultraman. It’s The Funda.

Terry had Bad Movie Day at his place yesterday.  It was a blast as always.  Attending were Jason, Serena, Cindy, Michael, Barry, Terry, and myself.  Terry always has a theme for each Bad Movie Day and we soon found out the day’s theme was –Cars.

It started with Supercar, a 1960 Puppetoons production.  It was excruciatingly slow.  If not for the puppet monkey and our witty comments, I would not have survived that one. 

Next up, Ultraman!  Jason had brought his $5.00 Target purchase to contribute to the fun.  It was fun.  I’m a fan of kaiju from way back so this was right up my alley. The early Ultraman episodes are priceless fun.  Not super martial arts here.  Just two guys in rubber suits wrestling and throwing each other into miniature buildings.  The  monsters were fantastically cheesy.

Next on the list was Redline, a 2007 racing movie.  It is Need For Speed on film mostly.  Lots of fancy cars, scantily clad women, and bad dialogue.   It was fun and made not sense.  Perfect for Bad Movie Day.

Lastly came the traditional Bollywood offering.  Terry introduced us to Bollywood as a part of Bad Movie Day.  I am very appreciative.  The movies are well made for the most part and have great production values.  The actors are usually attractive and you usually get to see a lot of India and get an insight into their culture.  But that is too much analysis for Bad Movie Day.  The day’s offering kept the ‘cars’ theme going.  It was Tarzan The Wonder Car.  Just the name makes it worthy of BMD (Bad Movie Day).  It is the quaint story of a wronged automobile designer’s son and his sweety jaunting around India in Tarzan The Wonder Car, getting into  adventures.  At least that is what the Netflix says.  And the first half of the movie gives you that impression.  Raj and Priya rebuild Tarzan from the drowned remains of his father’s Tarzan.  It’s a very cool car.  Nothing at all like the first version of Tarzan, which looked like a VW Beetle.  This one is all purple and slick and sporty.  Like it was leftover from Redline.  All is well except Tarzan’s water pump doesn’t work and Raj can’t find a replacement because they don’t make them anymore.  So Raj prays.  Granny prays.  “Uncle” prays.  Something mystical happens that night to Tarzan.  Raj cranks it up!!  Hooray!  His father’s memory is honored.  They have a piece of him back.  Oh happy day – 95% happy.  Then Christine shows up.  As in Stephen King’s Christine renamed Tarzan.  We find out the ‘mystical’ thing was Raj’s father’s spirit inhabiting the car.  For REVENGE!!!  Raj’s father’s spirit uses the new Tarzan to murder the guys who stole his car design then murdered him.  All the while framing Raj for the murders.  Huh?  Maybe you didn’t think this through father of Raj.  But in the end it all works out and Raj and Priya are marriaged.

This one was fantastic if only for the bad translation in the subtitles.  Super hiliarious.  Notable phrases – ‘It’s the funda.’  We think this means ‘the fundamentals’  but are not sure.  The chief of police used this every time he spoke.  ‘It’s the latest news!’ used by the idiot son of one of the bad guys.  Kind of like ‘check this out’ I think.  Speaking of idiot sons, that seems to be a comedy theme in Bollywood.  There was two and a half in this movie.  The half one was the police chief’s assistant.  He looked like Jack Nicholson’s Joker without the makeup.

One thing I will say about Bollywood movies, the lead actors are usually handsome men or extremely attractive women.  The girl playing Priya was exquisite.  And while you won’t find any sex in Bollywood movies this one was very racy in spots.

Krrish was the first Bollywood that I saw.  It is very good but long.  If you have a chance give Bollywood a chance.  It’s a lot of fun.

Edit:  The funda = the formula

New Games!

I picked up Carcassonne and Bohnanza on Friday.  L had seen them at SciFiGenre and thought they sounded fun.  I agreed as I was going to get them anyway.  We played Carcassonne that night.  It was fun as I knew it would be.  Z really latched onto it.  We really didn’t play the farmers so much.  Just the cities and roads.  It made things easier.  I believe he won the first game.  We played one more before bed time.  As the next day was Saturday, we got up and played Bohnanza.  It was fun too but a bit more complex.  It took me a couple of read throughs of the rules to get it all.  (I’m battling allergies right now and my thinking is wonky.)  But we played a while until we had to leave.  The reason for leaving in the next post.  All in all Bohnanza has a lot of promise I think.  Z and I played Carc again a bit ago.  He beat me by 12.  He scored a 32 point city!

And I have Homesteaders waiting at the game store.  I’ll report on that one soon.

Hypermind Board Game Night

At the invitation of GamerChris, I’ve been going to the weekly board game night at Hypermind in Burlington, NC for a couple of months now. I have to say it is one of the highlights of each week. I’ve played a new game every night I’ve been there. Last night it was Princes of Florence and Dominion. Both of them are good but I think Princes is much better. The auction mechanic and that you have to plan ahead are very interesting. First time games are:

Witches’ Brew – 6.5

China – 7, needs more plays to get the scoring
Vegas Showdown – I like it a lot. 8 of 10
Roll Through The Ages – another 8
Endeavor – another 8
Cutthroat Caverns – 7
Thunderstone – 6.5, I need another play.
Descent – 8
Escalation – 7.5
Saboteur – 7.5
And I’ve played 5 games of Pandemic – it’s a 9.
But the real surprise and my new favorite game is Macao.
Boy, do I like this one. Lots of strategy, some luck,  planning, and lots of decisions. I find myself strategizing how to win constantly. This one is at the Top of The Buy List right after Forbidden Island.

Here are some pictures I swiped from GamerChris’s site.  He does a weekly recap of all games played that week.  Check them out here.  Here are the Macao regulars:  clockwise –  Kenny, Chip,  Chris (taking the picture), and me.

It’s a long drive back at 1 a.m. in the morning but worth every minute that I spend there.  I can’t wait for Tuesday.


We had game night for Z’s birthday this past Saturday.  Terry and Barry showed up so we played a little Heroscape.  Terry had let us borrow his huge set for a while prior so Z was ready to play.

The game was a lot of fun.  Three 400 point armies and a large battle area.  We started about 9:00pm and the game went down to the last man on each team!  Barry won with his fraidy cat Marcus Decimus Gallus.  Marcus had hidden behind a ruin for much of the game while the MacDirks had protected him.  Finally he ventured out to battle Terry’s Marro Warriors, who kept coming back!, and my Seduma and Paratroopers.  The MarroWarriors took out most everybody.  Marcus finally managed to take out my last man to win.  With an ace!  It was a great game.  We looked at the clock – 1:10am.  4 hours of Heroscape goodness.

Z’s Game

So Z designed and built a game last week.

Armies from everywhere can play!

It’s a Memoir’44 clone (that’s his favorite game) but with some twists of his own.  He’s using my old army men, Star Wars figs, a tank made by his grandfather, and a Lego castle.  You draw an action card and take the action.  Examples are camoflage,  move two hexes, or mortar fire!.  If you encounter the enemy you battle using a War card game deck.  Simple but fun.  In a week.  By an 8 year old.  He’s working on expansions now.  I’m helping him with building new action cards.  He painted the first set and the board.  And I can’t even get one game finished!

Bits And Pieces

I’m trying to catch up on feedback today so here are a few things that have been going on or that I will expand on later.

Game Design update:

  • Comatose is coming along well.  I solved a major issue that I didn’t even know I had until playtesting and playing Fiasco – Story advancement mechanic.  I think I have a built in solution for this.
  • The Gold Rush – static right now as I concentrate on Comatose
  • The Interman Game – I may have Photoshop back up soon so this one will be  ready playtesting soon.
  • Becky Sharp/Lorna Doone DeLongpre – Lorna comics should be out soon according to Micah so I should jump on this one soon.


I’ve been attending Game Night at Hypermind in Burlington over the last few months.  I’ve played a lot of new games and met some really nice people.  Here are a few of the the games:

  • Tribune – I was surprised that I liked this one.  The theme didn’t grab me but the game play is great.
  • China – This was fun and surprisingly simple to play.  Scoring is complex though.
  • Thunderstone – My first time playing the hot new mechanic of deck building.  It was ok but I see that experience with the game would probably make it more fun.  I want to play Dominion now.
  • Endeavor – This was a fun area control/trading game.
  • Escalation – Lots of fun
  • Cuttthroat Caverns – Fun but a little long.  I need a replay of this with some house rules I think.
  • Witch’s Brew – This one needs another play.  I think I may like it but I don’t know.
  • Roll Through The Ages:  This one is on the Buy List.  It’s fun and challenging.  And you can play solo.
  • Descent – Road To Legend – This one is great.  We started it this past week.  It’s fun and dungeon crawl-y.
  • Pandemic – 3 plays of this so far.  What a fun game!  I’m setting up a solo game today to play during the day.
  • Finally the gem so far – Macao.  Wow!  Do I like this one!  Simple yet challenging.  I could not stop thinking about how I could play differently and about strategies this week.   It is definitely on The Buy List at the top.  I can’t wait to try out my strategy.

Feedback update:

  • lots of feedback pending for Pulp Gamer – you can actually hear me on the show now!
  • two episodes of Cody and John
  • an episode of Fear The Boot
  • The Spiel‘s last two
  • two shows of The Dice Tower – really hitting a groove right now, this is the link to TDT from the Funagain website,  the server was down for the home site when I wrote this.
  • Listened to:

Need to listen to:

That’s it for now.

Go Forth and Game your sock off.  Buy Macao.

More Catchin’ Up

TVOTR did a review of A Penny For Your Thoughts in the latest show.  It’s a good review/overview particularly because Ryan was the editor on the book.  We get some behind the scenes talk.  This is a game that I really want to play.

They talked to Graham Walmsley about self publishing.  Graham is the author of Play Unsafe, a book on playing rpg’s that I need to read.  He discusses how he went about getting the book out.  He covers editing, layout, and some of the trials he faced.  He mentions Scribus and Serif Page Plus as the tools he used.  He also talked about obtaining art work for your game.  It was a very interesting show.

Boardgame Babylon talked about Factory Manager, Martian Fluxx, and Tobago.  Factory Manager doesn’t sound too interesting to me.  If someone at game night has it to play I would try it.  But it doesn’t sound like a buy.  Martian Fluxx is another in the Looney Labs line.  My kids like original Fluxx so we would probably try this.  Tobago is at the top of my buy list at the moment.  I’ve heard good reviews of it and it’s ‘deduction’ aspect sounds interesting.  The kids would probably like it too.

stabbing contest – talked to Epi Ravachol about Time & Temp, his new game.  They mentioned Dread, which I think is a nearly perfect role playing game and Monkeydome, which sounds like a lot of fun.  This is a two part interview and really interesting.  Check it out.

Pulp Gamer – The Game Kennel talked about Station Master.  It sounds like a fun card game that I will probably try to pick up.

Into The Gamescape – this show covers the guys’ Christmas acquistions and a little bit more.  This is always a fun podcast.  I really enjoy it.

The Game’s The Thing is Back!

Ron & Veronica are podcasting once again after a break. And I for one am very glad.

They go over what’s been happening since their last show.  Veronica announces that she has joined the Pulp Gamer crew.  Hooray!  Ron is now blogging regularly on gaming, of course.  Please check him out here.  This is a good place to talk about gaming theory and other cool things like that.  The show went into some of the games they have been playing like their Burning Empires campaign with Tucson’s greatest GM – Jason.  Ron talks about the Cortex system here and in his blog.  The new rpg Dragon Age is discussed.  They talk some more about MACE and their Fairy’s Tale Deluxe game with the 9 year girl as the GM.  Finally there is an excellent interview with MACE’s organizers.  Please head over there and give it a listen.

Go Forth and Game.


Myriad Games Session Impressions – Infinite City

This is going to be a quick one.

So this one goes waaay back.  About 4 games have been reviewed since but I wanted to get this out because of this game.  Infinite City looks like a winner to me.  Dan and the others do a very good job reviewing the game.  It’s a Carcassonne-like tile laying game with some neat twists.  It is quick playing with simple to understand rules.  The art deco design also appeals to me.  This one is on the Buy List.