Comatose Update Update

I’ve gotten some very good feedback on my two premises for Comatose.  The dark fairy tales/nursery rhymes version is still viable but may spawn or morph into a board game.  I like the original premise I had from the sight and sound challenge several years ago.  I had stopped because there seemed to be an influx of this same theme into the market.  But my take is different than the others so I’m going to develop it further.

The Comatose premise is still alive but will be scaled back some.  And at the same time opened up.  Jason Corley of Pulp Gamer suggested allowing the Adversary to affect the protagonists in their REAL world as well as in The Dream.  I like this.  It could be one of the adverse effects of time in The Dream and a symptom of Turning.  I’m worried that I may be flying too close to Don’t Rest Your Head though.  I’ll work on this and see.

Another game has emerged from all this.  Jason Morningstar gamve me some extremely valuable feedback and it suggested another game or at least setting for Comatose.  It’s either The California Gold Rush of 1849 or pre-Colonial America.  I’m leaning to the latter.  This game will take a look at slavery of various kinds in those eras.  I’ve started researching each of these and there is some really neat history there.

Another result of this exercise is that the game(s) will be GM-less.  This just works better I believe.

An ancillary product of the research is a Go Forth And Game ‘logo’.  Here are the ones I’m considering:

If you know of some other Lewis and Clark or similar images (especially if they are royalty free) shoot me a comment.

Let me know which one you like best.






2 responses to “Comatose Update Update”

  1. Chris Norwood Avatar


    I didn’t have time to respond to you with my feedback, but personally I liked the first of the two options (kidnapped kids) better than the second one (crazy dream fragments), mainly because it felt like a more stable framework from which you could build stories, rather than the more open “anything can happen”. But in either case, I definitely like Jason’s idea of having the adversary affect the real world as well.

    But the whole pre-colonial America thing sounds really cool,too, especially if it will be GM-less. As I said, I’m very up for reading through anything you want more specific feedback on.

    Of the pictures, I think that I actually like the first one. The other two are just way too busy and/or just don’t look that good. And it’d be a lot easier to add a logo to the first one as well.

    So, you know, “Stay where ya are and game!”

    1. tomgurg Avatar

      Hey Chris,
      Thanks for the feedback on the game. The first premise is the original one and I will definitely be working that one up. I’m going to do something with the second but don’t know exactly what. Jason’s idea will be incorporated in some way. I thought that was an excellent idea.
      The pre-Colonial America game will, I think, be a scenario for the third iteration of the game. I’m working on it and the Gold Rush versions the most right now.
      I will keep you in the loop.
      Game Forth and Go,

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