Gurgacon 1 – review up at

We had a big ole blast at Gurgacon 1 last Saturday.  It was me, Terry, Cindy, Kenny, Chris, and Zachary – junior GM extraordinaire.  We played a Savage Henford scenario I whipped up earlier that week.  It involved rage ‘zombies’ and tested most of the PC’s.  Chris’ Flynn was a battle machine.  I don’t think he ever got injured.  Cindy’s half-folk mage was the heavy gun while Terry’s thief did thiefy things.  Kenny had Keel the boatman/smuggler who was instrumental in enabling the outbreak to be contained and eventually cured.  Zachary had fun rolling dice for me and providing Lego men for the bad guys minis.  Check out the Hill Giant picture that Chris posted on his blog.

Savage Worlds is my system of choice now.  It is fast and fun.  I still need a lot of GM work to get things to run smoothly.  Such as keeping track of how many bad guys are around and still active.  I have problems with this it seems.  But more practice with the system is a good thing.

Head over to to check out Chris’ take on things.  He is very kind to me.

All the players had fun and the scenario was a success.  I will write it up and include it in The Henford Project.