A Couple Of Podcast Reviews

Here are a few review of some recently listened to podcasts.

Myriad Games Session Impressions – Battlestar Galactica

The Myriad crew (huge cast) talks about their impressions(!) of BSG.  The show had a neat take that they posed that one of the crew was a cylon, though we didn’t ever find out who.  This was fun.  They reflected much of what has been said about the game.  It catches the feel of the show.  It is fun but grueling.  Almost always interesting.  But they mentioned something that I had not heard yet – someone getting shut out of play.  One of the players in one of their games played a pilot who did nothing but fly around.  The goal of the game had nothing for him to do.  Thanks for bringing this point out.  They also mention a 15 minute loss.  Myriad shows are always interesting but hectic and tend to be chaotic.  It is sometimes hard to get information out of them with such a free form format.  But they usually wrap things up pretty well.  Thanks for the Impressions Dan and gang.

Garrett’s Games and Geekiness #194

This was a short episode.  Doug and Shelley talk about World Without End.  This is the thematic sequel to Pillars of the Earth.  I haven’t played Pillars yet.  I hear it is a good game.  From the show it seems this one is too.  But in a different way.  There are some interesting mechanics here.  I particularly like the ‘pick one of your action cards to do and one to set aside that you do not get to do’ mechanic.  This would lead to some hard decisions near the end of the round.  All in all it sounds ok.  I’ll try it.

Voice of the Revolution – Time & Temp and Leonard Balsera interview

Brennan and Ryan open with the new things at IPR.  It is good that they caught FUDGE and I need to look into Disposable Heroes.  They discussed Epi Ravascol’s Time & Temp.  This game sounds fun.  It is about temporary workers who are tasked with fixing glitches in time/history.  Aside from the time travel aspect, the game has some mechanics that interest me.  The grid and numbers mechanic is unique.  You will have to listen to the episode, pick up the game, or find an  interview with Epi to get the idea.   Brennan interviews Lenny Balsera about The Dresden Files RPG.  I haven’t read any of the Dresden books, yet.  But I am interested in the game to see the new implementation of FATE.  I like SOTC and all the Evil Hat folks say that Dresden does FATE better.  That was pretty much it.

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  1. I picked up Time & Temp from the Epimas promotion, and I’m about halfway through it (reading it on my iPod, as a little eReader experiment). The gang at The Game Master Show played a one-shot session of it a month or two ago, and that along with the comments I heard about it from GenCon were just too much for me to resist.

    It’s definitely unconventional, but looks like a total blast to play as a one-shot or for a short campaign (I guess the campaign would have to be short, since you play temps…)

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