Game Night At Hypermind

I was able to make Game Night at Hypermind in Burlington this past Tuesday. Hypermind is the home store of GamerChris who had invited me over.
I got there late but just in time to get in a game of Endeavor. Endeavor is one of the new hot games. It’s about exploring the world and is set in the Age of Exploration, of course. I’m not going into the mechanics because GamerChris has or will have a better review on his site. But I will say it is fun. There are hard choices, plenty of strategy, and some battling. It plays quickly (45 minutes) and is easy to learn once you start playing.
Next was Pandemic. I had played this once at a local housecon and loved it. I got a copy for my birthday but had not played it with others yet (only solo). I see why this game is so highly thought of. The co-op aspect is great. It is a tense game with lots of anticipation and strategy. In the end the Blue disease beat us, by one action! We were soooo close. There was still time left so we reshuffled all the cards, reset the game, and were off. This time we saved the world from death. We played with the On The Brink expansion which added some neat twists.
I had to take off at this point.
Thanks to Chris and the gang at Hypermind for a blast of fun gaming. I’ll be back soon.
If you are in central NC, check out Hypermind. It is a fantastic friendly, professional game store.




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