Pulp Gamer Out of Character #99

It was a show about New Year’s resolutions.  Here’s my thoughts on the episode.

Suggestions for you guys for Resolutions
Don – faketicious pants
And we can totally work on the Fantisiful Campaign for Faketicious Words.
Jason – I like the something other than White Wolf one and the boardgame one.
Ron – Bring Veronica more often and treat Derrick nice.
Jess – Do that GM thing and host the PGer’s for a remote.
Dave – I like the 5 games with their creators idea.
Derrick – play Penny for My Thoughts and Fiasco.
Don (again) – I like the not working on Sundays one.  You should really work on that one.
Lastly for all of you, a selfish one from me, game with tomg somehow.

Now for my resolutions.
First, get my rpg, Comatose, into playtesting.  It has been languishing too long.  Anybody want to help?

Second, play Fiasco, Penny, Mouse Guard, Pandemic, and Memoir ’44.

Third, run Cold City or/and 1984 Prime.
Fourth, play more Savage Worlds.  I need to get this down cold.
Fifth, Just play more games.
Sixth, post more content to Geekdo.com (Boardgame Geek)

That’s about it.
Episode 100 is next.  Looking forward to it.

Go Forth and Game,







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