Comatose Update

I’m seriously considering changing the premise of Comatose back to my original idea or some variation of it. The Dream where Comatose takes place seems way too open ended. The other idea is more bounded and I actually like the idea better since revisiting it. I have the two premises out for feedback right now. I’ll update when a decision is made.

Gurgacon 1 – review up at

We had a big ole blast at Gurgacon 1 last Saturday.  It was me, Terry, Cindy, Kenny, Chris, and Zachary – junior GM extraordinaire.  We played a Savage Henford scenario I whipped up earlier that week.  It involved rage ‘zombies’ and tested most of the PC’s.  Chris’ Flynn was a battle machine.  I don’t think he ever got injured.  Cindy’s half-folk mage was the heavy gun while Terry’s thief did thiefy things.  Kenny had Keel the boatman/smuggler who was instrumental in enabling the outbreak to be contained and eventually cured.  Zachary had fun rolling dice for me and providing Lego men for the bad guys minis.  Check out the Hill Giant picture that Chris posted on his blog.

Savage Worlds is my system of choice now.  It is fast and fun.  I still need a lot of GM work to get things to run smoothly.  Such as keeping track of how many bad guys are around and still active.  I have problems with this it seems.  But more practice with the system is a good thing.

Head over to to check out Chris’ take on things.  He is very kind to me.

All the players had fun and the scenario was a success.  I will write it up and include it in The Henford Project.

Board Games To Go #100

Mark reached the 100th episode this week. He talked about a number of games. Of them, Numeri was quite interesting to me. I need to look into it more. From the description it sounded like one I would like. If you have played it please post your thoughts.
He talked about one from Gamewright, one of my family’s favorite publishers. This was Polar Derby. It is a very light push your luck game designed by Reiner Knizia. It sounds like one my kids would like. Mark also mentioned that Dr. Knizia designed Star Wars: Attack of the Clones card game. We need to get this. My son is hyper into Star Wars right now and I know he would like this one.

Comatose Update

I’ve gotten quite a bit of polishing done to the Character generation rules for Comatose over the last two weeks.  I’m trying to get it ready to send out by the end of the month.  I thought it was ready but decided to work some more on the GM section.  It’s coming along.  I have about seven people that I hope will look it over and give me some feedback.  It’s hard to think like someone else.  I’ve been working on this so long that I’m finding places where I obviously thought something that I wanted in there but didn’t write it.  I just ‘knew’ what I meant.  That’s why some more folks need to see it.  It’s time.

Gurgacon is Coming!

Saturday a couple from my semi-regular gaming group (Terry and Cindy) and two guys from Hypermind (Chris and Kenny) are coming over to game.  We originally had five more slated to attend but schedules changed.  At any rate we will be having a Savage Saturday Afternoon.  I’m running a Savage Henford setting – low magic, medieval town.  I have a situation set up and a track to follow if needed.  But I’m going to try to let them build the story as we go and see what happens.  I’ll report back Saturday night.


A Couple Of Podcast Reviews

Here are a few review of some recently listened to podcasts.

Myriad Games Session Impressions – Battlestar Galactica

The Myriad crew (huge cast) talks about their impressions(!) of BSG.  The show had a neat take that they posed that one of the crew was a cylon, though we didn’t ever find out who.  This was fun.  They reflected much of what has been said about the game.  It catches the feel of the show.  It is fun but grueling.  Almost always interesting.  But they mentioned something that I had not heard yet – someone getting shut out of play.  One of the players in one of their games played a pilot who did nothing but fly around.  The goal of the game had nothing for him to do.  Thanks for bringing this point out.  They also mention a 15 minute loss.  Myriad shows are always interesting but hectic and tend to be chaotic.  It is sometimes hard to get information out of them with such a free form format.  But they usually wrap things up pretty well.  Thanks for the Impressions Dan and gang.

Garrett’s Games and Geekiness #194

This was a short episode.  Doug and Shelley talk about World Without End.  This is the thematic sequel to Pillars of the Earth.  I haven’t played Pillars yet.  I hear it is a good game.  From the show it seems this one is too.  But in a different way.  There are some interesting mechanics here.  I particularly like the ‘pick one of your action cards to do and one to set aside that you do not get to do’ mechanic.  This would lead to some hard decisions near the end of the round.  All in all it sounds ok.  I’ll try it.

Voice of the Revolution – Time & Temp and Leonard Balsera interview

Brennan and Ryan open with the new things at IPR.  It is good that they caught FUDGE and I need to look into Disposable Heroes.  They discussed Epi Ravascol’s Time & Temp.  This game sounds fun.  It is about temporary workers who are tasked with fixing glitches in time/history.  Aside from the time travel aspect, the game has some mechanics that interest me.  The grid and numbers mechanic is unique.  You will have to listen to the episode, pick up the game, or find an  interview with Epi to get the idea.   Brennan interviews Lenny Balsera about The Dresden Files RPG.  I haven’t read any of the Dresden books, yet.  But I am interested in the game to see the new implementation of FATE.  I like SOTC and all the Evil Hat folks say that Dresden does FATE better.  That was pretty much it.

Go Forth And Game,


Game Night At Hypermind

I was able to make Game Night at Hypermind in Burlington this past Tuesday. Hypermind is the home store of GamerChris who had invited me over.
I got there late but just in time to get in a game of Endeavor. Endeavor is one of the new hot games. It’s about exploring the world and is set in the Age of Exploration, of course. I’m not going into the mechanics because GamerChris has or will have a better review on his site. But I will say it is fun. There are hard choices, plenty of strategy, and some battling. It plays quickly (45 minutes) and is easy to learn once you start playing.
Next was Pandemic. I had played this once at a local housecon and loved it. I got a copy for my birthday but had not played it with others yet (only solo). I see why this game is so highly thought of. The co-op aspect is great. It is a tense game with lots of anticipation and strategy. In the end the Blue disease beat us, by one action! We were soooo close. There was still time left so we reshuffled all the cards, reset the game, and were off. This time we saved the world from death. We played with the On The Brink expansion which added some neat twists.
I had to take off at this point.
Thanks to Chris and the gang at Hypermind for a blast of fun gaming. I’ll be back soon.
If you are in central NC, check out Hypermind. It is a fantastic friendly, professional game store.

Pulp Gamer Out of Character #99

It was a show about New Year’s resolutions.  Here’s my thoughts on the episode.

Suggestions for you guys for Resolutions
Don – faketicious pants
And we can totally work on the Fantisiful Campaign for Faketicious Words.
Jason – I like the something other than White Wolf one and the boardgame one.
Ron – Bring Veronica more often and treat Derrick nice.
Jess – Do that GM thing and host the PGer’s for a remote.
Dave – I like the 5 games with their creators idea.
Derrick – play Penny for My Thoughts and Fiasco.
Don (again) – I like the not working on Sundays one.  You should really work on that one.
Lastly for all of you, a selfish one from me, game with tomg somehow.

Now for my resolutions.
First, get my rpg, Comatose, into playtesting.  It has been languishing too long.  Anybody want to help?

Second, play Fiasco, Penny, Mouse Guard, Pandemic, and Memoir ’44.

Third, run Cold City or/and 1984 Prime.
Fourth, play more Savage Worlds.  I need to get this down cold.
Fifth, Just play more games.
Sixth, post more content to (Boardgame Geek)

That’s about it.
Episode 100 is next.  Looking forward to it.

Go Forth and Game,