Month: December 2009

A Contest of sorts.

I have some freebies from Free RPG Day that I’m not going to use.  So I’ve decided to give them to you.

First up – a copy of Paranoia Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Alpha Complex.  It’s a quick start rules set for Paranoia.  It seems like fun but I’ll probably never play it.  24 pages, digest sized.

If you want it shoot me an email at tomgurg At Gmail d o t co m with a brief description of what makes you paranoid.  I’ll choose the 6 best and have a roll off for the prize.  Phase one ends January 10th.

New Games

We got 3 new games for Christmas.

Three of A Crime

Zeus On The Loose

Clue: Secrets and Spies

I’m working on full reviews of each but here is a brief summary of each.

Three Of A Crime – quick deduction game.  It’s fun. This one got the most play – 7 plays.

Zeus On The Loose – an addition game with a ‘take that’ element.  Two plays.

Clue: Secrets and Spies – NOT Clue.  This is a completely different game from trad Clue.  It’s fun but can be very lop-sided. One play.

The first two are Gamewright games.  I like this company a lot.  Of the 6 or so we own,  all but one see regular play at my house.

I also played a demo/solo/learning game of Pandemic.  I read a rule wrong so this didn’t go so well.  I will try again this week.  I have played it properly.  Someone with experience with the game explained it to us for that play.  It is an extremely fun game.