Pulp Gamer Out of Character #97 – It’s Perkarific!!

First off I want to say I really like the theme music for Out of Character.  I apologize that I have forgotten who does it, either Al Roker or J.D. Meek?, but it is great.

Now to episode 97 – Heroes & villains

The episode was built around the release of Jess Hartley’s newest supplement – Instant Antagonist.  The Selfish Succubus is the first of the series.  I like the idea of ready-made antagonists.  It’s not new but I think the implementation here is.  From what I gathered Jess has not just given us a ‘bad guy’ to use in our games but has fleshed her out with several backstories for depth AND story hooks AND recommendations for how to use her in different types of games/campaigns.  Brilliant.  This one is on the Buy List.

The episode then went on to discuss villains and heroes in your games.  One of the better ideas came from Ron.  He suggests basing your characters on characters from fiction,with modifications.  This is a neat idea and I will use it.

There was a discussion of Dark  Hersey from Fantasy Flight Games.  It is an rpg set in the Warhammer universe where you play ‘space gestapo’.  This just doesn’t appeal to me and I will most likely not play this.  However, Rogue Trader, set in the same universe, does sound interesting.  In it you play outlaws, pirates, people who buck the system, revolutionaries.  Much cooler.

Jess was the star of this show.  Not only was here product featured but she made up the new word for the episode – perkarific.  It means ultra-perky I think.  Perhaps it means really great like when you get a perk from something.

Jess, the guys may make you speak last but you’re first in our hearts.

Go Forth and Game!







3 responses to “Pulp Gamer Out of Character #97 – It’s Perkarific!!”

  1. Jason Avatar

    The theme music is by JD Meek and it does sound great, doesn’t it?

    1. tomgurg Avatar

      How do you get your theme music by the way? Any preview of episode 100????

  2. Jason Avatar

    Don had the theme music in place when I came on the show last year…that’s a great question…

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