Pulp Gamer Out of Character 96 – Gift Giving

I’m trying to catch up on my listening and posting.  Next up – PGOoC 96.

With the Christmas season approaching, the Pulpsters tackle giving games as gifts.  Tis a fun and relatively short OoC this time so let’s get to it.

The gang goes over several criteria for giving games not the least of which is not giving games you want but giving games the receiver may want.  This is big and hard for me.  The gifting so far has been for my kids and I have to remember that they probably will not want to play Descent or Battlestar Galactica.  I did pick up Pandemic for my birthday last month but I think I can get them to play that.  Appropriateness in theme and style of play is addressed.  These are good to remember.  You do not want to give Agricola to someone who dislikes farming.  Just because it is the BGG.com(Geekdo.com) #1 game doesn’t mean they will like it.  Likewise if they don’t like heavy games don’t go with Twilight Struggle.  Know the person you are giving to.  That was the bottom line I got from the episode.  Now let’s look at a few of the games they discussed.

Ron brought up that abstract games make great gifts for new gamers.  I agree.  With many of these types of games you do not have to worry about theme because theme is absent or thin.  Derrick mentioned Station Master.  I don’t know this one but it sounds like a winner.  Aye, Darkoverlord was brought up as a good one.  Don’t know this one either but it too sounds like fun. They mentioned Once Upon A Time as a good intro game.  I agree.  We picked it up a while back and my 7-year-old loves it.  The storytelling part of the game is really fun for him as he can go off into wild and silly adventures.

On the rpg front, several intro type games were mentioned.  D&D4e, Faery’s Tale, Prime Time Adventures,, and  A Penny For My Thoughts were talked about.  Haven’t played 4e.  I have read through Faery’s Tale and like it.  It is on the buy list.  Ron (and Veronica) mentions that he was in a Faery’s Tale game at MACE that was GMed by a 9-year-old girl.  And it was fantastic.  I’ve played PTA and it is super fantastic.  I recommend it highly.  Penny is one I want to play.  I have a friend (gamerchris) who says only good things about this.  The press and word of mouth on this is very positive.  I hope Chris will run it soon.  I had an idea of using the Penny mechanic of asking questions in Once Upon A Time.  This could be interesting.  I would add Savage Worlds and FATE based games like Spirit of The Century, to the list.  Both systems are relatively easy to learn and allow for a lot of player input.  I would recommend 3:16 – Carnage Among The Stars if you friend likes shooting things and army type stuff.

That’s all for now.

Go Forth and Game.


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  1. I ended up getting Bananagrams for my mom, and she promptly whipped me 400 games in a row without mercy.

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