Pulp Gamer Out of Character #95 – Impact

Here’s some feedback on PGOoC95 – Impact!!!!
You mentioned more about this semi-secret project.  You implied or suggested that it is some sort of print or blog type thing.  What is it exactly?  When can you tell us?
Jason talked a bit about Prime Time Adventures.  What a great game!  You really should do a review of it so that more people can find out that they should pick it up.  PTA is a must for all role players in my opinion.  It’s a small book with a huge amount of game in it.  Go buy it now.
API – Ron tried to mention it but Jason blocked him.  I met Eloy (the designer) at MACE and I know Ron is good friends with him.  And he’s Savaging! it.  For more on Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. see my review.
GM/group planning – I used to do a huge amount of planning for my campaigns which inevitably went awry.  I have found that mid-level planning (having a general plot and NPC’s) works very well for me.  I found this out GMing our first Spirit of The Century game.  The players went off on a tangent away from my plot line.  But I rolled with it and it turned out great.  We ended up creating the Gorilla Mafia which will return when we get back to the game.
Savage Worlds news- I picked up Adamant Entertainment’s Thrilling Tales, 2nd Ed. and Savage Mars as well as two adventures for each during the anniversary sale.  All for $1 each!!!!!!!(that deserved the !’s).  These are fantastic books.  I HIGHLY recommend each.  I have been yearning for Savage Mars for some time.  I’m a big, big fan of ER Burroughs Barsoom books and am glad I have something to help me play in that world.  As a pulp fan I was also very happy to see Thrilling Tales Savaged.  I will be porting over my SOTC game to TT because of this.  We will be able to stay with one rules set (though I will be pulling Aspects over.  I actually do that in our current Savage Henford game.)  How about report on these?  Ron, maybe on Smiling Jack if not (or in addition to) here at Pulp Gamer.
Now to the real meat of the episode – THE TOMG SPOT (have to be careful how you write that).  I like having ‘my own spot’ on Out of Character.  A recent comment to Pulp Gamer mentioned me as a satellite star of the show.  I am honored by that and kinda feel like it’s true.  I’ve been giving feedback to the PG guys for over a year now.  We’ve had a real blast during that time.  They are responsible for this blog too.  Their encouragement convinced me to do it.  So blame them.
I really enjoy the echo.
Thank you Jess for the encouragement on feedback, unlike some people who seem to think I write too much.
I liked the ‘little G’ thing though I’m sure my daugher will not.
Regarding the Justinian discussion – I also like the ‘Oh, I get it.  Let’s play again.’ moment.  We played Archaeology: The Card Game (review on BGG & Go Forth is pending) where my youngest daughter had one of those moments.  I agree that this is a hallmark of a good game.

Happy very belated Birthday to Bo!  Don, you and Bo should come with Ron to MACE next year.  We could have a birthday party for the three of us.  How cool would that be.  Speaking of MACE, Ron, once again is was super meeting you and Veronica.  You are good people and I enjoyed talking with you both.  All the Savage Worlds guys were great and SSN was a blast.  I cannont believe I kept rolling snake eyes.  Timmy Whitebread, Boy Scout! would like to make another appearance.

Any word from Jeremiah?  You remember him, don’t you?  How is he and tell him tomg says hey.
That’s it.

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  1. Adamant is frickin’ great. Everything I have by them is absolutely golden. Their Victorian line is also well worth checking out.

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