The Spiel #91 – Annual Gift Suggestions

The Spiel posted their annual gift guide in episode 91. As usual it was extensive and fun. They do their list differently from most everyone else. Their categories are based on a person’s interest. For example they list games for people who like science fiction or animals. Very cool idea.
Of the games listed these stuck out to me:
Fauna – an interesting twist on animal trivia that seems to combine Apples To Apples and Wits and Wagers with animal trivia
Dixit – a story creation game
Roll Through The Ages – a dice based civilization building game
Formula D – a racing game
Traders of Carthage – a card game with some interesting trading mechanics
There were scores of other suggestions.
I suggest you check out that episode.






2 responses to “The Spiel #91 – Annual Gift Suggestions”

  1. Chris Norwood Avatar

    Fauna has been on my radar since it was nominated for the SdJ this year. I hope that it gets an English reprint.

    I’ve talked a lot about Dixit, Roll Through the Ages, and (more recently) Traders of Carthage on my site, and I’d definitely recommend all of them as well.

    Formula D (and it’s predecessor Formula De) is still one of those odd voids in my gaming experience. I’ve never played it or even seen it played in person, and the mechanics don’t sound interesting enough to me to buy it cold.

    And I’m not so sure that I like the way that The Spiel does their gift guide. This year especially, it seems like they took liberties with the theme categories anyway, and I think that it’s more useful to have a more conventional list based on weight of the games (Kids, Light/Gateway, Gamer’s games, etc.).

    1. tomgurg Avatar

      I would agree that The Spielers took a lot of liberties with the games in the categories. They softballed some too. But I give them credit for trying something different. I did see that you give Dixit, RTTA, and Traders good words on your site. All seem like games that I would enjoy so it is good to hear more about them. tomg

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