Game Design Accountability

So a thread started on Praxis, the game design brother to Story Games, about being accountable to work on your game designs.  This is a good thing.  I’m not very good about doing anything with my games very often.  I need some push and incentive to get going.  Some inertia so to speak.  So I joined up.  And I’m going to report here also.

Here are the game in progress:

Comatose – an rpg about people in comas and what happens when something is trying to kill them in their dreams.  This one is pretty well along except it seems empty of story.  Like a lot of mechanics strung together.  I need some more eyes on this for some feedback I think.

The Accused – a murder mystery rpg driven by a puzzle mechanic.  This one is pretty well along.  I had a revelation on this one about a month back that broke a block I was having.  This one needs testing.

The Interman Game – a board game based on my good friend Jeff Parker’s extremely excellent graphic novel, The Interman.  The book is about a genetically altered guy who is being hunted by assassins.  It’s Jonny Quest meets James Bond.  I cannot say enough good things about this book.  You should check out all of Jeff’s work at  He’s currently writing for Marvel – Agents of Atlas in particular is super awesome.  Back to the game.  It’s 90% done.  I need to tweak some of the graphic and do not have the computer power at the moment.

Restless Spirits – an rpg about ghosts and the people they haunt using a unique graphic mechanic for the spirits.  Infant stage.

Becky Sharp card game – based on another good friend Micah Harris‘s book, The Eldritch New Adventures of Becky Sharp.  Micah, Jeff, and I used to do comics for The East Carolinian back in college.  I’ll post some of those some day.  Anyway, Micah is a fantastic writer.  He’s eloquent yet down to earth and has an excellent command of language.  His novels and stories are very heavily researched and he truly loves to write.  Infant stage.

That’s it for right now.  I have a whole lot more ideas that I may discuss here at some point.