Pulp Gamer – Out of Character 91 – The Quest Continues…

This episode was kind of random catch-all show it seemed.  Lots of topics were covered.  Here we go.

They talked briefly about Don’s(?) Halloween party.  Ron, cool idea to go as Gillian’s Island characters.  I love that show.

They talked about hijacking The Game’s The Thing RinCon show.  This was a very good show that had Don, Derrick, Paul Tevis (famous podcaster and designer of A Penny For My Thoughts), and Ryan Macklin (host of the excellent Master Plan) as hosts.  Ron & Veronica were out unexpectedly.  There was a posting of ‘One Cool Thing at RinCon’.  This very cool idea was started by Jason Morningstar I believe.  Jason videos a bunch of people at the cons he attends and asks them the one cool thing they had/did at that con.  Ron did this for MACE too.  So you will get to see ME!  My videoed cool thing was playing Prime Time Adventures for the first time.  In reality the coolest thing at MACE was meeting lots of really great people and making friends.

Speaking of RinCon and MACE, they talked about conventions growing.  I know MACE’s numbers were up considerably this year and they said RinCon had strong attendance too.

Jason talked about the Ghostbusters rpg game that he ran.  It proved to be very popular.  I want this game.

Jason, I believe, also talked a bit about PTA and how it was a good game to introduce newbies to roleplaying.

Smilin’ Jack’s Bar and Grill: The Savage Worlds Podcast was talked about.  This is Ron and Veronica’s new Savaged podcast.  It’s good and a must for all Savages.

Gamer Adventures was mentioned.  This company arranges cruises with gaming theme.  Several days of gaming interrupted by occasional excursions to cool places.  This sounds like a lot of fun.

There was a good discussion of White Wolf’s policy on publishing in electronic form.    It seems WW is embracing electronic publishing with vigor.  There was much talk of the decline of sales of rpg books in the brick and mortars.  Ron and Dave could attest to this personally.  But it was agreed that the industry as a whole is healthy and growing.  One of the growth areas is ‘indie’ publishing.  Some of the guys feel that these games could replace the ‘mainstream’ games on the shelves of the game stores.  I agree that greater variety is good for the hobby.  The talk turned to pdf’s and how versatile they are.  Ron talked about layers in PDF’s.  I have to investigate this.  POD was discussed and it was felt that this is a viable and profitable alternative to traditional publishing.

One of the questions I wanted to ask Sean Patrick Fannon at the Industry Pros Panel at MACE was about new technology in electronic publishing.  Maybe this could be a topic on a future show guys.

I want to mention that there have been a lot of boardgame/rpg hybrids lately.   For example, Tales of the Arabian Nights and Descent.  This would make a good show too.

They talked about Witch of Salem, Mayfair’s new game.  It sounds very good.  Check out The Game Kennel show on it.

If you live in Tucson or the surrounding area go by Hat’s Games and tell Dave TomG sent you.  He’ll get a kick out of it.

I’d say go over to Ron’s store too but I don’t remember what it is called.

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  1. Jason Avatar

    Hey Tom, as always thanks for the feedback. If you’re interested in my ramblings about what electronic products ought to be, check out a couple of blog posts I put up over at RPMN. The first one is at:


    Just click on ‘Next Post’ at the bottom to see the second. It’s a fertile field that I think hasn’t really been fully explored yet. Most people still see PDFs as just something you print out.

  2. tomgurg Avatar

    Thanks Jason. I’ll read over your posts. This is a good topic. I want to learn more about the power of the PDF.

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