Have Games, Will Travel – The GenCon Stack

I recently listened to Paul Tevis‘s Have Games, Will Travel  on his GenCon’09 acquisitions.  The one thing that stuck with me from this show was his mentioning how Sign In Stranger used the ‘exquisite corpse’ idea.  I had not heard of that term so I looked it up.  It’s the old game of write something, fold the paper over, hand it to the next person to write something.  Or the MadLibs mechanic.  This is an interesting idea to use in an rpg and may work for the mystery game I am working on.  Sign In Stranger itself sounds intriguing but complex.  I listened to The Durham 3’s wrap-ups sometime last year and was fascinated at the depth of the game and the subject matter it can address.  I know my group will not like this game but I would like to read through it.  By the way, one of The D3 is obviously a Dr. Who  fan as witnessed by the ‘octopus in a smoking jacket’ description of Lord Ten.  I remember a similar alien from one of the Tom Baker episodes.  The rest of Paul’s games from GenCon must not have interested me because I didn’t write any of them down.  Oh, well.

That’s all.

Go Forth and Game,






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