Fear The Boot 169

Here's brief feedback on FTB 169.  I apologize for the shortness and vagueness of this post.  I forgot to take notes on the episode. It was good. I enjoyed the section on Atomic Robo. That is a good comic. The running a system for the first time discussion was great. I've run into this recently [...]

Pulp Gamer – Out of Character 91 – The Quest Continues…

This episode was kind of random catch-all show it seemed.  Lots of topics were covered.  Here we go. They talked briefly about Don's(?) Halloween party.  Ron, cool idea to go as Gillian's Island characters.  I love that show. They talked about hijacking The Game's The Thing RinCon show.  This was a very good show that [...]

Pulp Gamer – Out of Character 92 – Opportunity

The latest PG-OoC is out.  It's a feedback show so they're going over emails and other feedback.  Here's the low down. They start off responding to an email from Wayne talking about playtesting.  This is a very good topic that would make a show of itself (hint, hint).  Don mentions that an upcoming GAMA panel [...]