Quick Bites – The Spiel #87, Boardgame Babylon #71, The Durham 3 #66, Canon Puncture – Inspectres part 2

Ok, here some feedback/reviews that have been sitting around for a while.

First, Boardgame Babylon #71 – Interview with Tasty Minstrel Games.

I have been aware of Tasty Minstrel Games for a while now.  I remember an interview from GenCon ’08 with The Spiel I believe.  Anyway, Eric Burgess (of Boardgame Babylon) interviews Michael Mindes and Seth Jaffee about how Tasty got started, what they are doing, and where they are going.  It is an interesting interview on how to build a game company.  They discuss Terra Prime and Homesteaders, Tasty’s first two games which premiere at BGGCon this November.  The interview was fun and I learned some things should I ever want to start a gaming company.  As to the games, Terra Prime sounds a lot like Starfarers of Catan but I haven’t played it yet.  Homesteaders sounds pretty good too.  Lastly, they talked about upcoming games.  Of those there was one chemistry based game that sounded interesting.

Next up, The Spiel #87 – Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

This episode is about dice.  All kinds of dice and dice games are discussed.  First let me say that I like the music for News & Notes.  The Durham 3 also uses this.  What is it?  Also, the newish format of using bumpers between the segments is good.  Do I see Pulp Gamer’s influence here?  Last non-game thing – Pip is a very good name for a cat.

So what games did they talk about?  Dice Town by Asmodee was one.  It sounds like a hit.  It has been a while since I listened to the episode so I don’t remember any of the details about Dice Town.  But I did note that it sounded great.  I need to investigate this one more.   Next was Ra – The Dice Game.  I haven’t played Ra yet (shock!) so I have no point of reference for this game.  But from the way the guys talk about it, I don’t think I’ll pick this one up.  Truckloads of Goober contained Tumblin’ Dice.  I have heard good things about this dexterity game.  And Stephen and Dave continue the good words.  This one goes on the Buy List.    I want to mention the Spiel-a-thon and The Spiel Foundation.  Spiel-a-thon is the annual fundraiser for The Spiel Foundation.  The Spiel Foundation is the charity set up by The Spiel to provide quality games to children’s hospitals and senior centers.  I think this is a fantastic idea and more people should do something like this.  Perhaps an RPG version for the seniors.  Hmmm…

Canon Puncture Actual Play 9 – Inspectres part 2

I am a fledgling indie gamer/designer.  I have hung out on the fringes of the indie game community for about 2 years now.  I regularly visit Story Games and The Forge as well as a couple of other indie focused sites.  As a result I’ve become aware of a lot of very cool games, people, and podcasts.  The Durham 3 is/are one.  Canon Puncture is another and Inspectres is one of those legendary games.  Inspectres is described as a horror/comedy rpg.  From the AP it lives up to that reputation.  This is one that my group would like.  It goes on The Buy List.  The podcast itself is very funny.  The guys have quick wits and a lot of fun with each other.

Lastly, The Durham 3 – episode 66 – Frost Devils

The Durham 3 has a unique format – they introduce what they are going to play, go play it, then come back and report on the session.  I very much like this.  We get the fresh, just played comments and emotion that is in an actual play without all the boring parts. They also discuss mechanics and talk about what they liked and disliked about the games they play.  And how they might drift them.  The crew is made up of Clinton R. Nixon of The Shadow of Yesterday fame, Remi Treuer, one of the top playtesters around, Jason Morningstar of Grey Ranks and Shab-al-Hiri Roach fame, and Joel (whom I’ve met but don’t know exactly what he is famous for yet).  The guys are a lot of fun to listen to and I have learned a bit from them too.  They are all quite pleasant and intense in person and play also.

I’m actually going to go back and condense the preceding episodes and comment on them first.  They played Mouseguard.  It convinced me that I must own this game.  A very excellent sounding game that I can play with my children.  Top of the RPG Buy List.  Now episode 66 deals with their Dust Devils game.  Jason  is running the game and set it in late 1800’s Alaska for a twist.  From their reactions, the game was much fun.  There is some discussion of the mechanics and they sound very interesting.  I would like to play this game.  Part the next is on the way.

That’s all.

Go Forth and Game.






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