Quick feedback – Dice Tower – Top Ten Deduction Games, Pulp Gamer: Family Night – All Boxed Up

Here are a couple of quick comments on a Dice Tower episode and a Family Night episode.
Dice Tower: Top Ten Deduction Games
I am enjoying Eric as the new co-host. He brings a fresh perspective and has a soft humor that works well against Tom’s new attitude. This episode’s top ten were deduction games. Of the ones mentioned, Mystery of The Abbey and Clue: Discover the Clues sound the most interesting to me. Also mentioned were Alibi and Mastermind. I remember playing Mastermind with my sister when we were kids. It is a good game but wears out fast for me. Mystery of The Abbey is one of the forgotten Days of Wonder games that is supposed to be very good. I haven’t played it but am looking for a cheap copy. That’s it for The Dice Tower.

Family Night -This episode talked about storing games. The best idea I gleaned from it was using paper bands around card decks to keep them together when storing. Thanks Ron for that idea. They talked about Loot. I’ve mentioned it previously so look for that post to get my ideas on Loot.
That’s it.






2 responses to “Quick feedback – Dice Tower – Top Ten Deduction Games, Pulp Gamer: Family Night – All Boxed Up”

  1. Tom Vasel Avatar

    I don’t think I have a new attitude. It’s just that my attitude was repressed with former co-hosts. Or maybe not, who knows?

    Thanks for listening to the show!

  2. tomgurg Avatar

    So Sam was repressing you?
    Just kidding. I’m really just playing along with Eric.
    Thanks for the comment. Keep visiting as I’ll keep posting feedback.
    Thanks for the Dice Tower.

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