Myriad Games – Interview with Luke Crane

This is feedback on a recent Myriad Games podcast. I went into this podcast not expecting much. I wasn’t expecting the Myriad Games folks to be that knowledgeable about ‘indie’ role playing games.
I was wrong.
This is an excellent interview held up on both ends by a great interviewee and a skilled interviewer. I found this interview to be very interesting. They talk with Crane about small press and the available options including POD & PDF. The PDF discussion was very interesting. They also talked about Mouse Guard and Burning Wheel of course.  Mouse Guard is the next rpg on my Buy List.  It is one that my kids will enjoy as we are reading the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.  Burning Wheel sounds fun and I must try it some time also.  The thing that I was left with was this – rpg’s are about the experience at the table. They are about an unplugged, social experience. Bravo on a great interview.
Luke Crane was also interviewed recently on another podcast, I forget which, and it was also very informative.

That’s it for now.

Go Forth and Game.