Feedback on Pulp Gamer Out of Character 85

Here’s some feedback on PGOC85:

Several games were mentioned in this episode: Loot, Mesopotamia, LaBoomb, Adventures in Oz, Alpha Omega, Space Hulk, A House Divided, Terror 13, The Pathfinder System. Here are my comments on each followed by some general stuff about the episode.
Loot – I own this game. It is a card game produced by Gamewright about capturing treasure ships. Players are pirates using ships of various strengths to take treasure ships of differing value. The player with the most points/gold at the end wins.
I’ve played this with my 11 and 7 year olds and it goes over ok. Play with them tends to be slow but I believe that with an older group it would play faster and more lively. The ‘take that aspect’ doesn’t play well with these two as feelings tend to get hurt. It is a good looking game with very colorful artwork.
Mesopotamia – I haven’t played this one. It sounds interesting but too complex for my group.
LaBoomb – This one sounds like a winner with my kids. I can see this being a big hit. I like Jess’s idea of using Hershey’s Kisses. This one is on The Buy List.
Adventures in Oz – a rpg. It sounds like a lot of fun and I want to find out more about it.  It is a 2d6 based game where you are play characters in Oz.  It reminds me of The Zorceror of Zo by Chad Underkoffler and of Wonderland No More by Triple Ace Games.

Two other rpg’s were mentioned – Alpha Omega by Mindstorm Studios and the Trailblazer supplement for The Pathfinder System by Paizo Publishing.  I haven’t played either.  But both are getting good press on the forums I visit and from the podcast community.   Alpha Omega is a space setting.  I like that the monsters are ordered by power level.  Neat idea.Trailblazer is an inexpensive supplement the tweaks the 3.5 system.   I might look into AO but I am not into 3.5  so Trailblazer is out.

One of the big stories in boardgaming currently is the re-release of Space Hulk by Games WorkshopHere’s the BGG link.  This edition is a high end production with very high quality components.  The price is pretty high too, around $100.  But I hear that it is in fact sold out.  I’ve not played Space Hulk but it makes me want to try the computer version.

Terror Thirteen is an interesting sounding rpg.  There is not much info available out there though.  From the conversation the game has a  mechanism that I find interesting – bonds.  Bonds seem to be buttons that the GM can push/hooks for the GM to work with.  I’m for most things that help bring out a good story.

Last is A House Divided.  And this one is a gem if you ask me.  It moved up The Buy List after listening to this podcast.  This is a Civil War game that can be played on different levels.   Here is the BGG link.  Being very interested in the Civil War, I would really like to play this.  You ‘simulate’ the entire war, playing out different battles until the end.  There is also an alternate history aspect that sounds neat.

That’s it for the games now for some feedback on the show itself.  I like the larger crew.  JD Corley has brought a love for indie rpg’s that I appreciate.  And he really looks at a game.  It seems he learns and works games well.  I like Jess Hartley.  She brings an interesting perspective and I like how well she fits in.  I miss Ron but I see he has a new Savage Worlds podcast that must be taking up some time.

All in all, this was another great podcast.

Thanks PGers.

Go Forth and Game,


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  1. Adventures in Oz actually uses 2d6 and presents a rather traditional Oz. At least that’s how I wrote it. Whatever you do with it at the gaming table is up to you.

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