Quick Bites – The Spiel #87, Boardgame Babylon #71, The Durham 3 #66, Canon Puncture – Inspectres part 2

Ok, here some feedback/reviews that have been sitting around for a while. First, Boardgame Babylon #71 - Interview with Tasty Minstrel Games. I have been aware of Tasty Minstrel Games for a while now.  I remember an interview from GenCon '08 with The Spiel I believe.  Anyway, Eric Burgess (of Boardgame Babylon) interviews Michael Mindes [...]

The Spiel – Episode 88 Small Press PowWow

The Spiel is one of the podcasts that I listen to regularly.  I enjoy listening to Stephen and Dave talk about games.  And I really like their show notes.  Lots of detail with links to the games and subjects discussed included.  Very impressive.  Here is feedback on Episode 88 - Small Press Powwow. I really [...]

To Catch A Thief

I watched 'To Catch A Thief' again a couple of nights ago.  Boy what a great movie!  I am a HUGE Cary Grant fan and this film really showcases him.  He is very subdued in it though.  I hadn't realized how much his performance is backed up and bolstered by the rest of the cast.  [...]

Quick feedback – Dice Tower – Top Ten Deduction Games, Pulp Gamer: Family Night – All Boxed Up

Here are a couple of quick comments on a Dice Tower episode and a Family Night episode. Dice Tower: Top Ten Deduction Games I am enjoying Eric as the new co-host. He brings a fresh perspective and has a soft humor that works well against Tom's new attitude. This episode's top ten were deduction games. [...]

Feedback on Pulp Gamer Out of Character – Elder Pronunciation Gods

I'm catching up on my podcast listening. I always check to see if there is a new Pulp Gamer episode of any kind first. And sure enough there was a new Out Of Character. In fact there are two. This is feedback on the first - Elder Pronunciation Gods. The first thing to mention is [...]

Sleeping Queens by Gamewright Games

We bought Sleeping Queens today at B & N for 50% off and played three games tonight. My kids really dig this one. Here's the breakdown. Components: cards of three types - queens, power, number There are 12 queen cards and each has a number of points on it. These cards are the 'victory points' [...]

Myriad Games – Interview with Luke Crane

This is feedback on a recent Myriad Games podcast. I went into this podcast not expecting much. I wasn't expecting the Myriad Games folks to be that knowledgeable about 'indie' role playing games. I was wrong. This is an excellent interview held up on both ends by a great interviewee and a skilled interviewer. I [...]

Feedback on Pulp Gamer Out of Character 85

Here's some feedback on PGOC85: Several games were mentioned in this episode: Loot, Mesopotamia, LaBoomb, Adventures in Oz, Alpha Omega, Space Hulk, A House Divided, Terror 13, The Pathfinder System. Here are my comments on each followed by some general stuff about the episode. Loot - I own this game. It is a card game [...]